Monday, November 25, 2013

ReprapPro Huxley Bed Leveling

Leveling the bed of the 3D-printer is extremely important to ensure quality prints. The process can, however, be intrinsically difficult and tedious.
I have always used this guide to help me in the leveling process. As the guide is made for a Mendel, it does not quite fit my Huxley.

Here is my process for leveling the Reprappro Huxley.

The home position (X0, Y0) is at the bottom left and the bed on the Huxley is approximately 140x140mm. Hence, the positions are as follows (given by the G-codes).

P1 G1 X15   Y75   Z0
P2 G1 X140 Y75   Z0
P3 G1 X15   Y15   Z0
P4 G1 X15   Y135 Z0

The numbers are approximate positions for my Huxley. Your mileage may vary.
Notice that the Z is zero, so if your bed is totally misaligned, the extruder might crash to the bed creating a total havoc. Use Z5 or Z10 if you are unsure.

Since the materials in the bed and the extruder expand with higher temperature, the both the bed and the extruder should be heated.

  1. Start by setting the bed to 60C and the extruder to 150C
  2. Move hotend to position P1 (G1 X15 Y75 Z5). Use a z height of 5mm while moving the hot end across the bed, at least if you are not the brave one.
  3. Home Z and adjust the Z-axis end stop until the hot end is a paper thickness above the bed.
  4. Move hotend to P2 (G1 X140 Y75 Z5) and home Z
  5. Adjust the screws S2 and S3 until the distance between the hot end and the bed is the thickness of a paper.
  6. The bed is now initially leveled in the X direction. Now we need to check if the bed tilts in the Y direction. Move the hot end to P3 (G1 X15 Y15 Z5) and home Z.
  7. Adjust the height using screw S2.
  8. Move the hot end to P4 (G1 X15 Y135 Z0) and home Z.
  9. Adjust the height using the screw S3.
  10. Go back to step 2 and check that the P1 position is still fine.
  11. To be sure, check the P2, P3 and P4 again, and check that the height at middle of the bed (G1 X77 Y75 Z0) is a thickness of a paper.
  12. Make sure the screws are tightened. Be careful, as the tightening can make your bed out of level and you have to go back to step 2 again.

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