Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upload log files to automatically using LogPusher


Many radio amateurs upload their QSO logs to Not all logging programs can interface with the QRZ API, and unless you are a subscriber, the API does not work. The log can be uploaded manually, but this is a tedious process.

Hence, inspired by the bash-script by WB4IT I have written a simple C# program (LogPusher) that takes care of the business. All there is to it, is to enter some settings in the dialog: Mainly your user name, password and log book id at, and point to the choosen log file. As soon as the file changes, it will upload to automatically.


Enter the settings for your account

Make some contacts and wait for LogPusher to upload the new log tile

LogPusher works by first logging in to the front page of and by keeping the session cookie and after that it enters the logbook and uploads the file. It seems simple, but I had to monitor the messages going between Google Chrome and QRZ during manual uploading several times until I got it right. I used Fiddler for this, and it was excellent.

I had great help from this page on stackoverflow discussing how to upload HTTP form entries from C#.

How to get it?

LogPusher is available at Github: You may download the code (press download zip at Github) and compile it with Visual Studio 2015 (it is free) and modify it yourself, or you can just use the executable file directly.

Please let me know in the commentary field below if you like the project or if you encounter any issues or if you have any suggestions for improvements. Stay tuned for updates on this project.


  1. Thanks for LogPusher. Works GREAT!

    1. Keeps saying "upload failed" after "connected to QRZ." Tried everything as far as the settings are concerned. Don't know how to fix, since it's not telling me what's wrong :(

    2. It is not working anymore. I guess that QRZ has changed something in their web-setup to prevent log uploads without paying for their API. I'm sorry.