Monday, October 2, 2017

Small steps

Sometimes a project stalls for a while. A long while. You know you will get back to it. You just have to compete all the other tasks in life first. But you know that you will not quit. You will finish the project - oh yeah. All that it takes is a little discipline. And a few years.

My decatron-nixie-HF-radio is one such project. I know I will finish it. Its just going to take a while. Today I surprised myself after a hiatus of 10 months and finished a 9 V regulator for the 500 V step-up DC/DC-converter for the decatron tubes.

It was only a 10-minute build. And it was not pretty. But it was an important step towards the (one time in the future) finished project. Stay tuned. The front panel is soon to be finished.

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