Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Synthicase and Softrock timelapse build video

I finally got around to throw my synths in a suitcase. It is a injection moulded case (Pelicase copy). The case consists of a x0xb0x bass synth, a Sonic Potions LXR drum machine, a Shruthi-1 synth, a MFOS noise toaster, and my DIY modular mixer consisting of mostly MFOS modules. The devices are mounted with velcro tape.

The LXR is not subjected to the best fit in the case, since I do not have right angle phono and MIDI cables.

I created a first tune with my Synthicase using the x0x as the master MIDI clock and the LXR sequencing the Shruthi. The x0x bass tune is a classic theme, probably heard before. Ok, here it goes, DJ DIYcrap in action:

By the way, the video shows me building the Softrock RXTX HF Transceiver. The video is shot using my DIY time lapse device and a Nikon D90. In other words, this video is truly DIYcrap.

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